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Interconnect Challenges in VLSI

The ever increasing trend of transistors on the chipmakes the interconnect compromising to the delay. This paperintroduces a new configuration with the composition of SWCNTand MWCNT for achieving a high speed VLSI interconnect. Theparasitic components i.e. Resistance, Inductance and Capacitanceof the equivalent circuit for isolated CNTs is estimated. Then for the purpose of performance evaluation, the accumulated RLC model is developed for composite bundle. The optimal diameter and geometrical parameters have been defined with the help of simulated scenario afterwards. The delay model has been estimated to evaluate the performance of the proposed configuration.

Wearable Device Development for monitoring Cardiovascular (ECG) and Musculoskeletal (EMG and IMU) during Aquatic Therapy 

To facilitate the monitoring of Cardiovascular (ECG) and Musculoskeletal (EMG and IMU) of balance impaired patients during aquatic therapy, designing wearable device suitable for underwater is inevitable. This device will have wireless charging facility, internal memory and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) facility to avoid any probable water penetration. Having the capability to measure and analyze ECG and EMG along with movement data in different direction continuously while the subject is performing exercises would allow quantification of the potential benefit of the exercise. Eventually, the data is processed to obtain the meaningful outcome and establish a real-time data display and analysis using a mobile platform for the ease of assessment. 

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